Poll: Which Jackson Soloist under 900 USD? SL2 Pro, SLX, or used XL?
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View poll results: Which Jackson Soloist under 900 USD? SL2 Pro, SLX, or used XL?
SL2 Pro
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Professional XL
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I am planning on getting a new guitar, and I am focusing on a Jackson Soloist. Within my budget of around 900 dollars, I see three options:

SL2 Pro, $900
SLX, $550
Professional XL (used, made during 1990-95), around $7-800, from what I have seen online.

Basically I want to know the bang for buck factor with respect to the quality of these guitars. Is it worth getting the SL2 Pro? It comes with SDs and I will not have to replace them later on as I will most probably have to do with the SLX. Also, if anyone has played/owned it, what are your thoughts about the new SLX?

I have heard great things about the Professional XL, (the Professional Pro is just too good, I'd get that but I'm apprehensive about active Pickups) so I wanted to know what people here think about the XL guitars.

Secondly, I will probably be able to afford the SLX within 2 or 3 months, but I will have to save up a little more if I go for either of the higher ones. Is it worth waiting?

Optional, read if you want: I have been playing an Ibanez edr170 for nearly 8 years and had a strat for 6. The Ibanez has a 400 mm radius bolt on wizard 2 which is quite good, but strains my left hand after long hours of playing (I alternate between thumb on top and thumb behind neck). It also has a blade whammy bar (not floating) and tuning stability is nonexistent when using it. I liked the flat top of the strat and I also was a little more comfortable, though not nearly as fast, on the strat's thicker neck.

I think a Jackson Soloist with a good floyd rose will cut through all of that. A slightly thicker and rounder but still fast neck and a stable bridge. Good playing ability is my primary concern, but cosmetics can also tip the scale if two guitars are equally playable. I have playing some Megadeth lately and and have been trying to get to grips with Cacophony. If you have any other suggestions for a guitar please let me know. Cheers.
i haven't tried the professional (or indeed the newer non-MIJ pro series). If you're ok with used, a used post-2006 sl3 would be worth a look- duncans and frt-x000 trem.
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