Ok so I'm looking for a new guitar to replace my Squier. I am a good player as far as I know. I play mostly Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motley Crue (anything 70s and 80s heavy metal or hair metal). With a budget of $700, I want something with a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge, definitely a humbucker in the bridge position (not so worried about the middle or neck but humbuckers there too), and a neck of any kind with 22 or more frets. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Look here:

Fernandes is a Japanese company that caters to the guitarists of hard rock, metal, and other edgier forms of rock. They're having a clearance of limited quantities of their high-quality (Korean made) guitars through their online store. The discounts aren't QUITE as steep as they imply- they're based on MSRP, not street prices- but they're still significant. To give you an example, the Ravelle Elite is on sale for $599. 2 years ago, I bought mine through the online site for the USPX, and paid $1100 with no tax.

TL, DR: Fernandes is selling limited numbers of high quality MiK guitars for rock/metal at ridiculous prices.
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Your specs are pretty broad, so it's hard to narrow it down. There's a lot of Ibanez guitars within that price range with those specs. The RG series is pretty damn good and should give you everything you want. I personally steer clear of Schecter as I have had bad experience with them in the past, but a lot of people swear by them, and for a budget guitar they can be really good.

I play a Lag Arkane, which is a great value for money shred machine with the specs you're after, however the pick ups could be improved. Also consider Jackson. There's too many options to list, in my opinion.

That being said, I'm going to give some general advice which I always try to give when people ask this question:

Don't make a specific decision based on stuff people say online, every guitar is different.

Take online advice consideration, but your ultimate decision needs to be up to you and how you felt while playing the guitar. The other issue is that your local stores aren't going to necessarily offer the best suggested guitars, so unless you're willing to order it in and wait potentially months, I'd head into your store first and play a whole heap of stuff.

It doesn't matter how good a Brand X G1234 guitar is if you can't play it before you buy it to feel it and see how it sounds, or if it's going to cost extra to order it in, or if you're going to have to wait 4 months for one to be shipped.

If I were in your position I would go to a few local stores, get the guys to give you a few guitars within your specs/price to try out, then make a short list of ones which you liked best. Then go back online, read reviews about quality etc and ask for advice then.

TL;DR- go to local stores and try a heap of guitars that fit your specs, then make a more specific short list and come back for further advice.
Thanks for the help guys. I did check out Fernandos and the prices are jaw dropping. I'll be at Guitar Center sometime next week and I'll see what they have.