Hi everyone,

I've been playing bass guitar for about 7 years now and I just picked up a cheap 6-string acoustic to improve my melodic playing and to assist in song writing.

I find that it's very hard for me to play a chord without choking at least one string/note.

On bass, I usually play with more of a classical guitar fretting hand position - thumb on the back of the neck in the middle, and palm parallel to underside of neck. I also play with the pads of my fingers, which allows me to use the underside of that finger to mute the higher pitched strings.

However, I obviously need a different fretting position to play chords on a guitar. It seems like I have to play with the very tips of my fingers, but they have to be nearly perpendicular to the fingerboard to not choke a note and this is very difficult to do with the pinky.

Anyone have any tips?

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Keep practising. As you've already discovered it's a bit of a different way of playing than muting most of the strings all the time so it's really just a question of getting used to it.
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Build the chords one note at a time from thinnest to thickest strings.

First, play whatever the high string requires, then add the next lowest string, and keep going until the whole chord is clean. The reason this works is because it pinpoints the problem: one of your fingers is likely muting where it shouldn't be or blocking another finger. By going from high to low, you'll spot the problem as soon as it appears, and be able to fix it. Eventually you'll be able to play the full chord clean.

And remember to be relaxed, and don't push harder than necessary!
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