So I built my own bazz fuss circuit. After soldering everything to the PCB, I used alligator clips to attach it to the Jacks and battery. Tested it out, worked great. I soldered the wires to the jacks, battery snap, and foot switch. Tested it again before boxing, and it sounded terrible! So much feedback and noise. Not sure why or how. I'm sure that it is not problems with gain or the amp. What could it be?
If your chassis is conductive you could be shorting something to ground.
Also if you're using a dc input with the - on the tip and the dc input jack is conductive you may be shorting the + to ground from the start.
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And make sure that you have the battery + going to the circuit power and the battery - to ground.
And check for shorts.
Another test is to go back to before you wired the switch, jacks etc., then test again, then add them back one piece at a time.