So the nearest music store to me sells Tokai LP style guitars. They are cheaper than a high-end Epi and obviously a Gibson. Should I be comparing Tokai to Epiphone or Gibson. I don't own any of these brands but when I first started playing guitar, I was a huge Les Paul loyalist. If I were to get a LP, should I consider these or save up to get an Epi Les Paul Standard?

What is the model numbers? some are MIK and others MIJ.

i've never tried a MIK so i can't comment on personal experience with those, but the MIJ ones would be more similar to a Gibson and the MIK would likely be more similar to the EPI.
I own 2 Tokais one SG and one Flying V, both of them are great guitars and many people that have tried them have said that they feel like a Gibson guitar. Can only say good about them.
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MIJ Tokais are really high quality. My cousin has one (dont know the model. I have played it only once so far) and outside of the almost ******ed weight (and this is coming from a really big, bulky guy) it felt really, really good to play. I guess its quite faithful copy to old solid body Gibsons, for good and bad. :p

I have not touched a MIK or MIC ones but they should be comparable to other guitars in same price range.

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The thing with Tokai is that they are making everything from low end copies up to super high end models equal to Gibson Customshop and beyond under their own name, as well as producing guitars for Fender Japan, and I would guess, others.

It is impossible to say how good a guitar is without knowing model number and year.
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^ yeah. the MIJ ones (that I've tried) have been really good. The non-MIJ ones haven't been as good.
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You should compare the MIJ... To a LP Custom at LEAST. Build quality and tone are nearly unmatchable. If you want something a bit lower than a 1959 LP without paying the outrageous price, this is it.
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