Does anyone know of/ have any thoughts on the EarCandy Bass Bomb 2x12 bass cabinet? All input is appreciated! You can see the cabinet Here -> https://reverb.com/item/132554-earcandy-bassbomb-2x12-bass-guitar-amp-speaker-cab-cabinet-1000-watts-4ohms?gclid=CJXN74Xf478CFQto7AodHl8A0w

AND Here-> http://earcandycabs.com/bassbomb/
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The Earcandy BassBomb 2x12 cabinets themselves seem to be good stuff (and will handle up to around 1000W). I've got a BuzzBomb that I've had for years, and it was excellent in its time for guitar. I've not tried a BassBomb, but there are a few decent reviews on TalkBass that are about six years old.

At one point, I remember that Tim was taking some heat because the cabinets were simply not getting produced in a reasonable time frame. Has that come under control?

Have you checked BarefacedBass.com for 2x12 cabinets recently?
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Not really a bass player, just on here waiting for a post to be replied to. As a guitar player I know a lot of people love Avatar cabs. Maybe check out www.avatarspeakers.com

It's a different world when it comes to bass cabinets.

With guitar, you can virtually slap a random speaker on a board, prop it up and play. In fact, most open back combo amps aren't much more than that.

With bass, it becomes important to design the cabinet for a specific speaker -- you don't play the mix and match games that guitarists do. Thus, for folks like Avatar and Lopoline and the rest building guitar cabs, the size and shape of the cabinet is far less relevant; you can simply fall back on traditional shapes (every 4x12 is near enough to 30 x 30 x 14 or so).

If you'd like to understand what makes a bass cabinet different, hit up the Barefacedbass.com site and go to the technical articles and start reading.

Avatar, by the way, makes a really nice and fairly traditional bass cabinet in the "TB153." But it outweighs the better designed fEARful 15/6/1 (which uses the same 15" speaker) and the performance isn't quite where the fEARful is. Design is pretty important.