Hi Everybody,

I have been member already for quite a "long" time (2009) but have never taken the time to introduce myself.

so here comes a small introduction, My name is Jan van der Heide and i live in the Netherlands (you know got 3rd with the world champion soccor in Brasil

in 1998 i wanted to play the guitar in stead of the piano and learned evertything myself. for archiving al my knowledge i put the information on the internet (we had to make for my study)

this is also when i setup the dutch guitar website called Gitaartabs . Still the website is a hobby and takes a lot of spare time to maintain but like to do this. We i welcome a 1500 visitor a day

my newest project with the site is to create (with guitar teachers) professional guitar lesson. Sorry it's in dutch but feel free to give me some feedback because i'm still struggling if the landing page is clear enough, see link below

Online gitaarles

if you have any questions just let me know.
best regards