Hey guys, I need someone who REALLY knows vintage gear/floyd rose history.

Long story short: I live in Seattle and was helping a guy clean out what use to be a VERY old music studio. There were 8 Track Player in it, it was that old.
Found this guitar stashed away in the studio. I can tell it's a Matao CBS Headstock Stratocaster. Upon further inspection I noticed the bridge is 100% not original. DId Floyd Rose live in Seattle? Take a look....

That appears to be one of the very early floyds, pre fine tuners. around 1979.

Floyd Rose has pretty much always made a version with no fine tuners. Still available, I think, but the current version has Floyd Rose stamped into the plate. http://www.floydrose.com/catalog/tremolos/6:non-fine-tuner

It's not likely a PRE production model -- just an earlier production model, before they bothered to stamp them. Or it's a copy.
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I can chime in a little on this.....

That could very well be a Prototype or very early Floyd, it looks quite a lot like this, for all we know the guitar was Floyd's at one point or another....it reeks (in a good way) of modified 1970's customization fron the photos (ie. DiMarzio single coil or stacked hum in the bridge, and the natural ash/maple body and neck).

Also, Floyd Rose is from Seattle, currently his company is based out of Redmond Washington. He got his start while he was in a Jimi Hendrix cover band trying to create a tremolo unit for himself that would stay in tune for a whole set without issues. The first three Floyd Rose tremolos that went to other artists went to Edward Van-Halen, Neil Schon (Journey), and Brad Gillis (Night Ranger). That Floyd looks a LOT like the one I saw on EVH's Bumblebee guitar in some photos awhile back.

Another good source for information on these is Vintage-Kramer.com, Floyd Rose and Kramer were THE thing to have in the 1980's so someone could chime in with proper info.

And no, Floyd has NOT always made non-fine tuner trems. IIRC, the remaining stock after the fine tuners were used up on Kramer's ESP Made Focus line in 1984 or were like the one above which was probably made to save cost. After 85' or so, they stopped making non-fine-tuner units and for the longest time all you could get was a Floyd Rose with fine tuners on it.

The non-fine-tuner thing is a preference thing, Brad Gillis of Night Ranger ONLY likes non-fine-tuner floyds and for all I know he was part of the reason FR brought them back

The primary things making me think this is an early or pre-production unit is the following
- no Floyd Rose logo
- the vibrato bar is held in by a "bolt" which looks like some early/pre Floyd's Ive seen
- The lockdown screws are affixed through hex nuts, another thing I"ve seen on early/pre Floyd photos
- The saddles have the right shape to be early early Floyd

The big Question is, who's guitar was that?
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