is it normal? i feel like playing guitar after work would give me extra stress and shit. but i do end up playing it for an hour on work days but at weekends i play 5hours. But isnt wierd that i have no desire to play guitar all my free time but instead surf on pc half of the time and leave abit for guitar
the awesome thing about guitar, for me at least, is that its not my job.
i can play it whenever i want, for as long as i want.
from my experience, a short break from playing can be just as beneficial as playing.
HA! Wait until you have a spouse and kid. I play for an hour a WEEK if I'm lucky.
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that's normal. guitar requires a fair bit of concentration and if you're tired that's harder to do.

an hour a day is a fair bit of practice even on non-work days, especially if you're only starting out. you need to be careful you don't burn out before you even start.
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