hello i'm looking for some names of distortion pedals that works well with chords. i'm not talking about full barre or open chords stuff,but more for playing stuff like 3 string triads. ive tried a few pedals, some are better than others but i haven't found one yet that can make me play a minor third without sounding horrific. i understand that it might take more than just a distortion pedal to get that. can u guys maybe give me a few names and/or tricks on getting a tone for that. i tried putting some flanger effect on and it works a bit, but i haven't got the knowledge for creating such a tone.
What you really need is a new amp

I'll try and edit thes post when I'm a bit less drunk, tough your amp isn't exactly regarded as a great soudning amp, and you might wanna consider getting a new one.
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Yeah that amp is definitely detrimental to achieving chord clarity.
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I use to get decent tone with a Princeton Chorus, which is somewhat similar to your amp, and a Boss Blues Driver. Maybe try an ehx Soul Food, its the best od for note clarity that I've used, though I'm not so sure how well it would work with a ss amp. No one here is trying to pick on you, but a better amp is really the best way to go. I'm pretty sure you could get a used Blues Jr for the price of a new frontman.
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