This thread came up as an idea I mentioned in another thread so I thought I would start one here. A lot of new musicians and home studio owners will eventually be moving to work in larger recording studios. Can you give them some advice or impart a good story about your experiences? You may save others time and money.

I'll start with something I learned the hard way. Ask questions before you book time. I usually tell first timers who I know to expect to visit the studio before booking and plan to have a long talk with the engineer who will do your sessions. Most good studios welcome the questions and a visit. Just arrange it with the studio ahead of time so you don't arrive during someones session or any inappropriate time.
I learned the hard way to get everything clear ahead of the session. A number of years ago I was working for an advertising agency writing and producing "jingles". I had a serious deadline to meet on a jingle for a major client who was investing big money on a video and I was given a deadline so the audio portion was ready for the video editing done at another agency. We recorded at a very nice studio and planned to come back two days later after the client and video people OKed a demo mix. When we arrived for the final mix session there was a different engineer assigned to the session. Seems the one we had used for the initial recording took a scheduled trip out of state. The new engineer was totally wrong for the project and we had to spend extra money and time we didn't budget for to get him in sync with what we were trying to accomplish. I blame myself for not asking ahead of time fort the same engineer for the mix session that we had for the recording. I assumed that was a normal proceedure. It wasn't. My fault. Live and learn.
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