Actually I can't find anything to help me, I've been playing 3 years now with a pick and can't make a good sound if I use my fingers/thumb. Tried just with thumb, tried going down with 3rd and 4th fingers, up with index....I can do that but it sounds like mush. It's so frustrating I can't believe I didn't learn this at the beginning, but my teachers never said it was important I feel dumb reading the instructions for beginning guitar, like I have to strum one string over and over until I get the hang of it. If you've been in this situation please help
Been in it certainly.

You will hear this answer a lot, it's tough and hard, but in the end, it pays off.

So I heard this classical rythmn, but of course, it was with finger play. Sounded God awful in the start, but after a few months of playing like that melody everyday, I mastered it. I never would have thought I could learn finger play, in such a little time, but think about it. It's only the strumming part you lack, not the picking of notes.
Try learning the Rasgueado technique. It's a flamenco technique that's very expressive and uses the fingers to strum.

First, hold your thumb horizontal to the strings and tuck in your fingers. Strum down with the middle finger, then down with the index finger, then up with the thumb as you tuck in your fingers again. Practice it slowly and evenly until you can play it at high speed, like its a single strum. You can also use this as a big accent in your strumming. It kinda sounds like 3 guitars being strummed at the same time.

I'm sure there's a youtube video for it. I'm gonna leave it at that 'cause the word strum has lost all meaning!