I'm learning the steve vai quick licks DVD and theres a few licks that don't make sense to me time wise.

Between Licks 10 and 11 and Licks 13 and 14 i'm having some time issues. 10 and 11 i'm able to pull off better then lick 13. Lick 13 is my main problem, it seems to get off time, which puts lick 14 off time. I hope you understand what I mean by that. It always gets off time when you have those pull offs to the slides down to a lower fret. But in the DVD, Andy James somehow pulls this off no problem. How did you solve this problem? Or is this lick supposed to be played this way and then somehow you magically pull it all back together at the end of that really long phrase? I hope i've made at least a little sense.

If you have successfully played through this entire Etude, I would appreciate any help you can give me about this problem I have.

Thank you! Happy playing!