Hey all,

Just wanted some opinions....I have been playing for roughly 16 years and am now looking to get fluent in a few different aspects of techniques, mainly slide, chicken pickin, and some sweep picking. My question is, what is the ebst way to break them up so that I am putting a decent amount of time into each one. SHould I just focus on one style for a while than change it up, or work on one some days and a different another?

Just curious on whats worked for people trying to learn a variety of styles

well you can try to do each one individually and try to find a way to make the techniche as easy as possible
I'd suggest making things into a sort of weightlifting regimen. Whatever you want to do, break them down into exercises, of a few reps and varied speeds ...just like when you stack a workout program (I go to the gym 3-4 days a week so I think in those terms because I see a definite connection).

Small bits of exercises rather than long ones, are best, in my opinion.

I teach a way that only takes the student 10 minutes of practice a day to excel. Its not in how long, its in how correctly you exercise, and my approach to that, takes advantage of knowledge on the way the brain learns.