Hey forum!

Here is a cover of Diary of Jane that I made a couple days ago. Hope you enjoy it! Any good criticism is well appreciated.

BTW, I don't know how to growl and scream and all that stuff, i tried in the first verse and think that failed miserably haha. Let me hear what you think.

It was recorded on garageband.

Thanks a lot!

Hey dude, really good effort on this cover Eis! Usually covers of these sorts of songs are horrible, but you guys definitely put a good amount of effort into it and it comes across One thing I would say is, that it could definitely use some work in terms of mixing, maybe boost the guitar sounds or something, make is sound 'fuller'.

Also while I thought the vocals were good, you could do with perhaps double tracking or something to add more depth! But hey I am just a amateur too

If you had the time I would love if you could check out my Beatles cover on the forums
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I agree with the other guys, turn up the guitars a little so it will sound heavier. Also, I'd add a little reverb on vocals.
And don't worry about the screaming, it's very easy to learn and you already got the most difficult part, which is singing well! I really liked your cover!

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