does anyone know how kevin shields got the sounds/tone on their pre-loveless stuff? mostly like the stuff on isn't anything and ecstasy and wine, not so much their early EPs. Ive been messing around with different eq settings and patches on my rack mounts but cant quite get that warp-y, long reverb sound like on these songs:



or the jangle-y twee sound like on these:



thanks for any help
yeah i know about glide strumming, but just doing that wont help me. like does he use more than just reverb? I think i read somewhere that for loveless he layered the guitar tracks a bunch of times and to make it sound like reverb without actually using reverb, but what about the pre-loveless songs, like the links i posted? i know he used a lot of reverse reverb for isn't anything, but i still cant get his sound
I think even Kevin Shields has said he would never be able to recreate the exact sound of those records. Have you seen the mans pedal collection?!

You might be able to get close but i think getting the exact sound of MBV is basically impossible
If you haven't done already, have a go at rearranging your pedalboard in an unorthadox manner, i.e. placing units like delays and reverbs at the start of the chain and fuzz's and distortions towards the end.
That may mix things up and might get you some wierd MBV sounds that you can build upon
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and i dont really want their exact sound (dont want to copy them too much!) but ive been messing around with my rack mounts and rearranging them and my pedals and keep finding new ways to get that twangy spacey sound, especially with different eq settings