and just recently purchase new guitar amp. Is there possibility that I can permanently damage my new amp because of guitar? And as for my amp to suffer from humming too? Thanks for your reply.
You gave too little information to make a diagnose of the issue through the internet possible.

Which guitar is it?
What kind of hum does the guitar make?

Which amp is it?
Is the amp's hum a 50/60Hz cycle hum, or a different kind of hum?
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i mean is there a possibility for my new amp to be damaged by plugging hummed (with indecent noise) guitar? sorry I'm newbie.
I doubt it'll do it any harm but if you could post a quick soundclip or video of the hum that would help.
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Hum causes no problems aside from the sonically aesthetic, and there are several sources....

- A bad Ground - All Electric guitars (save for those with active pickups - ie. EMGs) have a ground wire that runs to the bridge, on Straits it's visibly soldered to the claw, on other guitars, it's usually pinned into the metal of the bridge assembly through one of the bridge post thimbles, or to the tailpiece. Could be one of these wires came loose, either those or the wires going across the tops of the pots or going to ground lugs on other components. They just need reconnected/soldered.

- Single Coil Pickups - With single coils, that's the nature of the beast, and the wider/flatter they are (ie. think a Fender Jazzmaster with wide flat single coil pickups), the bigger magnet for 60 cycle (or 50 cycle for your Englishmen) hum. This can be managed via playing teqnique, I play a LOT of single coil guitars (Strats, Tele, a Jazzmaster, a Musicmaster...just to list a few), all of them I ride the volume knob to shut it off during rests if hum is bad. This is generally more of a problem when playing with distortion/overdrive.

- Some high voltage power source nearby - @ my home studio, I have the unfortunate situation of having the power meters on the other side of the wall, these, especially paired with a cheap strat or my Jazzmaster, creates a veritable Hornets Nest of 60 cycle hum. Generally, the smart thing to do (if I had the resources needed in another location of the house) would be to move the whole setup away from that. Some parts of the house hum more than others, generally if there is a lot of electrical stuff nearby.

- make sure your guitar's wiring is up to snuff
- make sure your cable does not have a short or an issue
- practice controlling hum in high gain with single coils using the volume knob
- move your guitar/amp away from large sums of electrical appliances/gear
- Invest in active or hum cancelling pickups with the sound you want
- invest in a quality noise gate (ie. EHX Hum Debugger or a ISP Decimator)
- Have your guitar shielded (I do it myself with muffler tape from Wal-MArt, works great)
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Chris and Madmike. Thank you very much... So I don't have to worry about my guitar hum as if it can't damage my new amp. I'm planning to purchase new guitar next month. ^_^ thanks again.