Hey guys, this is probably a really stupid question but here we go, iv been playing guitar for about 6 years now, i have just finished school and have made the decision i really want to start a band, none of my friends that play are keen so im thinking of maybe trying to join a band. Problem is a i cant really read music or anything, will this be a problem starting a band? Especially with people i dont no? Some advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers
I think it depends on the band/genre... but I don't think it will be a problem, as long as you know your stuff!
Ability to read music isnt necessarily needed, depending on the genre. If youre looking to join some classical jazz outift, you might need to. If youre gonna join a garage rock or punk outfit then you almost certainly wont need to.

So long as your playing is up to scratch for the type of band you are joining then you should be fine
If you can play by ear, and/or can work with chords and arranging leads with the chord progression, if that's what you'd be playing, then it should be no problem.
No matter how much you know before you join a band, you will learn more than you have ever learned in a very short time while in a band, and some things you thought you know are proved wrong.

Take it easy. Most musicians are not that good, so don't worry too much. Just one piece of advice - don't waste anyone's time. And especially not your own. Don't play with people that can't keep up.
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I'm a selfatught drummer who also taught himself guitar. I'm a good songwriter and can come up with really catchy riffs. Can't read music (well, kind of can but really slowly and semi inaccurately) and I'm limited in my guitar playing abilities. But I've still started a few bands and been a band leader and the main songwriter. Its not hard; you just need to be on top of things (including your band mates sometimes) and know what you want out of the band and bear it in mind. Its no different than being a group leader, really.
Not being able to read music didn't stop the Beatles, so don't worry about that!

I suggest that you join someone else's band first to get to understand your local scene and the politics of how bands operate. Look in Musicians Wanted ads (often in local music shops or on the net).

If you really want to start your own band then be up-front in your advertising for musicians to join you. Consider, are you the leader type?
Outside of classical and jazz gigs it is rare to encounter sheet music.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
If by reading music you mean reading it in staff notation, then the chances of encountering it outside of classical, jazz, and maybe blues is pretty much nothing. If your genre is something like punk, metal, or anything else, then you really don't need to worry about it.

Edit: remember, Angus Young can't read music either.

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^^ That's what I'd have thought.

^ Can angus young even read? From the looks of his outfit he's been repeating the third grade since about 1974.
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