Hi guys,

long time, no contribution.
Been busy with my bands album release process, and with that more or less done, I've finally been getting back to writing. I've got this little song here, which I'm more or less finished with (still lacking vocals and lyrics), and was hoping to hear what you thought about it.
Stylistically I'm pretty satisfied with where it ended up, so I was hoping to get some feedback on how it flows, favorite/least favorite things and the overall impression the song gives you.

Keep in mind there will be vocals bridging some gaps and/or spots you might find awkward.
Ny 4 v2.gp5
Immediate thoughts, I like the riff from bars 2-17, but it gets repetitive. I would suggest varying it a bit, like by doing the first part down a 3rd or 5th. I like the 6/8-4/4 shift, it feels natural and sounds great.
Crooked is fine, nothing to note. I'm glad the verse added something in the last half, it really saved it.
Now that I'm at the chorus I notice one or some of the notes sound out of key in the lead riff even though it looks okay, and the unchanging first few notes are starting to wear on me. Again, the riff needs a little more variation, it doesn't feel interesting enough to repeat this many times, especially by starting with the same few notes on each repetition.

I like Clean and Doom and //. I liked how it then went from Crooked to Chorus, bypassing another verse which wouldn't have made sense at this point in the song. It was a good move in my opinion, kept it from feeling like the song was dragging. Outro almost feels out of place, but having the Doom section before allows it to sit with the song nicely.