Hey, so I've got a pedalchain going but there's something bugging me.

I want to be able to latch a chord using the slicer pedal, then be able to bring in another effect over the top (whilst that latch is still playing, unaltered).

I've seen someone else do this and they used a tuner pedal to turn on/off the other effect but the original slicer sound was playing in the background the whole time.

Any ideas?

If you want it to continue playing in the background, you'll need a looper and after the slicer in your chain. I can do that with the mfx (zoom g3) I use.
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Seems like it would work if the pedal was before the slicer. Otherwise maybe split your signal so that a cable goes to the slicer and another goes to the other effect. Then somewhere the come back together either at the amp or at a stereo pedal
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