Hi guys. I would like to see your opinions on this guitar and I would like to know something more about it.
Well, don't have it but tried it few times as my friend plays one and I'll give you probably short review about it written in bad english (eh, sry mate ). Will use his experience also.
He had to change his machine heads because they got loose and you simply couldn't make them thight again. For that would blame him because he is politely said, serious nutcase and doesn't bother "tuning" his guitar wildly in the middle of gig.
Going over fingerboard is preety good, and quick but nothing special. And as I don't know much about that guitar I think it's good beginner guitar (excuse me if you aren't one, but in my opinion you should buy it as a beginner or if your budget isn't big enough, altough you can find better guitars for same price).
P.S. heard it has problems with pickups.