edit: It's Kristofer Dahl. Thanks for the help

Hi all.

I'm having trouble finding this guitarist (who's name I clearly cant remember, nor can I remember the name of the band he's in or any of their songs). Please help!!

I originally found him on an Ultimate guitar video lesson A LONG time ago.
Now.. here's what I can remember...

・The style of music was somewhat metal, with a very unique twist to it which I can't quite put my finger on. (He made a lot of use of the tremolo bar and it sounded AWESOME).
・His guitar was black, with a sunburst orange kinda look. Shaped like a strat, but not exactly . For some reason PRS comes to mind. I remember that this is the guitar he always used (I think it was his custom/signature guitar). I don't think I saw him with any other. Here's a picture of a similar guitar (strat)
I know that it was not this guitar.. however as I said before, the body and the colours are similar... and it definitely had a black plate like this one.
・He was quiet famous and in a metal band (ofc)
・He had short black/dark hair and was rather slim
・The particular video I remember was of him teaching one of his songs.
・The video must be at least 2-3 years old (maybe even longer).
・The songs (or at least the ones I can remember) seemed to be based around the guitar.. what I mean by that is there weren't much, if any, vocals. (I MAY BE WRONG.. this is just what I can recall from the few videos I watched).
・I also remember him having more than one lesson/tutorial

This is all I really have.. and it's driving me crazy because I can't figure out who it is!! I've looked around everywhere and can't find him!
I know it's a far fetched thing to ask, but I'm just hoping someone know's who I'm talking about!

Thank you for any responses.
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Definitely Jay Seeney
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Definitely Jay Seeney

I've added a better description of the guitar from what I can remember
Still sounds like Jay Seeney to me Are you sure it's not Jay Seeney?
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Do you remember what the lessons were about?
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Do you remember what the lessons were about?

He was teaching his own music.. and the riffs/licks he used etc.
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it doesn't matter, jay seeney is better anyway, listen to him instead

Does he solo?
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Does he solo?

he does nothing but solo

and wear sunglasses of course
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