Hey guys, Paul Martin of InnerDream and I put together a collaboration track with myself as the vocalist. Check it out!


Let me know what you guys think, and I will C4C!
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
This newly posted mp3

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Hey again,

The lyrics can be a bit tough to hear at times but I like the aggressive feel to it. The riffs are pretty good as well. Around 1:20 you g from a low growl to a pretty good metal scream. I can actually tell you've improved since I last heard you which is really good considering how much you sing and post songs. I really like the bridge around 2:30, sounds pretty sick. Right after is that same scream i mentioned before. It hard as hell to replicate so its unique, but not my style i guess. I wish the synth part lasted just a little longer and had some acoustic guitar over it. That would have made it sound progressive. But damn the next solo and riff are pretty ****ing tight. Reminds me of RATM combined with some heavy metal. The clean vocals are also a nice change, I feel like the song could have been condensed a bit more, their are alot of parts and changes but it makes for a good long song. Great job on this, its pretty brootal :p

C4C please?