Hi there, not exactly a guitar gear question per se, but figured this would be the best place to get a knowledgeable answer.

I am a cellist expanding into a digital domain, so I am currently looking to get a MIDI foot controller - mainly for my home studio, but potentially also for a live use later on, so good build quality is definitely a must. I mostly use NI Guitar Rig and Amplitube software.

I am currently considering following options:
- Rig Kontrol 2 - I like the fact that it doubles as an audio interface, plus should work pretty straight froward with guitar rig. But read about some noise and build quality issues.
- FBV Shortboard MK2 - more buttons = more control, right? Plus seems to be built like a tank.
- Behringer FCB1010 - heard good things about quality, but that thing is HUGE! Plus would probably suit my needs only after chip mod.

Which one would you choose and why? Any input on these or other considerations would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
Personally, I wouldn't buy any controller that didn't have dedicated MIDI ins and outs. You're at the mercy of the manufacturer to ensure they keep developing software drivers for the USB connection for future operating systems - not to mention, you can't use it with anything other than a computer. For this reason, I wouldn't buy an FBV Shortboard.

The Rig Kontrol is a solid controller (on paper) that is made future-proof with its MIDI inputs and outputs, as far as I can tell. I have no comment on the quality of the interface - I can't imagine it's that great for the price - but you generally get what you pay for. For the price of the unit, they cutting corners as far as quality is concerned - I know from most reports that people say they're okay as an interface and okay as a controller. Nothing great, nothing particularly terrible - but the price was steep, at least when it was new. My main issue with this would be that it's been discontinued and likely won't be supported by NI for long, unless they're planning to come out with a new version and it uses the same drivers.

I own an FCB1010 currently and I really enjoy it. It's the second I've owned (sold my last one with my Axe-FX II, I believe?) and it's one of two Behringer products I've ever felt comfortable recommending to someone over products that cost far more money. As far as programming is concerned, it's probably more complicated than the other two, but it also has more features. The board is built like a tank and there are custom firmwares available for different devices. Also - it's only a few inches larger than the FBV Shortboard and you can pick them up dirt cheap on the used market, sometimes for as low as $50.
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