Hi, I'm looking for songs which are predominantly guitar, and (as a baseline) grade 3. I've looked at a few tabs in the Rockschool Grade 3 booklet, but these songs often seem quite generic and not too fun to play, so I was looking for any songs which are as a baseline at this level, or higher.

Joe Satriani has quite a few songs which fit the criteria, however the songs I looked at (Surfing with The Alien, Satch Boogie, Crystal Planet) were slightly above my skill level and I am looking for something a bit easier to play.

Could anybody recommend any songs that fit this criteria?
At Grade 3: Pieces last up to 2 minutes. There is development of stylistic techniques and stylistic sounds. Play any of the following four-fingered chords as requested by the examiner:
B7 x21202, Am7 x05555, C♯m xx2120, A♭7 xx1112, G7 xx3343IN ADDITION.

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