hey guys i bought a ampeg celestion loaded cab and im running a 6505+ through it . the problem is ive noticed that only half the speakers work . the back of my cab has a switch that on one side has 4ohms for mono or 8 ohms for stero. the other side is 16 ohms mono . the in side has two jacks and out has one . heres the funny part if i plug it into the right jack the right speakers work and vice versa with the left so i tried using 16 ohms mono on both the head and cab so theyd match and nuthing. no sound. tried 8 ohms and nothing works then either. its weird what am i doing wrong ??? ik both sets of speakers work but the wont work at the same time wtf :/ help guys im so lost right now
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Sounds like it's wired up wrong.
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rewire your cab. can be done easily run (if you have 16ohm speakers) into series/parallel and only use one plug (the one you wired) that will be 16ohm and will work with the 16 ohm setting on the peavey.
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