I play mostly metal, running with Cort X2 with EMG 85X (bridge) & 60X (Neck).
Please don't suggest other amps as my finalists are Ibanez iron label IL15 and Blackstar HT5...
Appreciate on your comment, thanks a lots.

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Well, you asked me to not suggest anything else since you're stubborn.

This thread is done already...


Why is this $500...
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neither. but oh shit i can't suggest something better so thread is over
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oh i see...is that both of the mentioned amp are really so bad? Somebody is offering me half price and ask me to choose one of them after i bought a complete PA system from him. If so bad then i might just leave them.
Thanks for your comments anyway.
Hi Cathbard, thanks for the guidance...

Budget: 250 USD (somebody is offering me Ibanez iron label IL15 at 245 USD, and
Blackstar HT5 at 230 USD. Ibanez brand new, blackstar demo unit)

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I have already tried both of them...both also sounds good for me...
Is it worth to take the offer? Or there is other good amp at this price range...or i should just leave both of them?