Recently I was thinking that in the 20 years I've been (casually) playing guitar (and music in general - I also play synthesizer sometimes), I have never really gotten tired of it or lost interest in it. There have been periods where I didn't play for several months, but I have always come back to it and enjoyed picking up a guitar and playing. Even now, I'd still like to improve my skills - I bought a copy of Rocksmith when it was on sale at Amazon recently, and I've also considered maybe taking professional lessons at some point.

For those who never tire of playing guitar (or music in general), what would you say are your reasons? For me, I suppose the biggest reason is that it's relaxing - I've found that playing guitar often reduces stress. I also just really enjoy playing music, either by myself or with others. I like the sounds, the rhythms, the feel of a guitar/instrument in my hands, and occasionally the social aspect of playing music with other people.
Personally, i get inspired to easily, that is probably it.

When i started playing it was cause i heard Metallica for the first time, and i got inspired and wanted to learn guitar. Later came bands like Pantera, Megadeth and such and then i got inspired to learn that. Then i heard progressive music and got inspired to learn stuff from Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder, Symphony X etc. That in turn led me onto fusion and jazz music which inspired me to pursue those styles and expand from there.

Nowadays when i am not an elitist as i was when i was younger, i get inspired by pretty much any new music i hear that is interesting to me, be it music from "Frozen" or the latest Aristocrats release, i just want to learn.
Fusion and jazz musician, a fan of most music.

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