Hi, I have a floorboard with several pedals and a nice V30 equipped cab that I made. I have a mini recto head that i mainly use, and I also have a new Randall RG80 reissue that I like to use at night.

Due to the placement of my items its a pain having to swap the floorboard and cab over every time, 1 cable for cab, 1 for floorboard, 2 for effects loop.

Can I just use a 1/4 inch splitter so I can have them both hooked up all the time (only powering one amp at a time obviously) or do you need a special device for this?

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You could get and ABY switch to switch your pedalboard from the Recto to the Randall, but you'd still need to swap cables for the effects loop. You don't want to use a splitter with your cab. Not having a load attached when switching from one head to the other could damage both amps.

For using one cab with 2 heads, you're looking at something like the Radial Headbone. I have no practical experience with those devices, though, so I can't help you further than that.
Yeah, you can definitely use ABY boxes or even Y cables if you power up only one of the amps at a time.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to use a Y cable for the cab too, so don't do that unless somebody knowledgeable tells you otherwise.
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You can do basically whatever you want between the guitar and the amp input, there's almost nothing you can do to cause damage there. An A/B box in front would let you switch between the amps easily without messing with your pedalboard.

Between the amp and the cab, though, you absolutely should not use a Y-cable or anything of the sort. If you can draw a line between one amp's output and another and they are connected in any way besides a Radial Headbone or a product very specifically labeled for that purpose, you have made a large mistake.
OK Thanks for the advice. Does this only apply to tube heads? I have a mesa tube head plus a randall SS combo
RG's & Mesa's
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No. Do not ever connect the outputs from two amps of any kind without something specifically designed to isolate them from each other in between.

It's actually worse with SS amps, a tube output transformer could probably handle the flyback for a little bit but SS amps are really sensitive to it.
If the cab can be split into Stereo, you can A/B the amps and have them go into separate speakers, I Did this with my Bugera 333XL and Fender M-80 heads awhile back with the default Bugera Cab. But I used the Line-Out on the Back of the Bugera to drive the Fender so I could output it. The only problem with this is if you are playing live and A/B-ing the amps it'll require 2 microphones.

If you are wanting output from the same speaker in Mono 16 ohm mode, the only way I could think of would be to use some kind of "Dummy Load" on both amplifiers and A/B them from the audio output on the Dummy-Loads. I'm not sure what gear to use for that yet as It's something I have yet to look into myself. I know that's the way guys like Edward Van-Halen used to put their effects AFTER the amplifier and before the cabinet using a dummy load so I think it could work for A/B-ing amps through the same cabinets.
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