Hey folks. Im Stu. Im a total beginner and just started with guitar about 2 weeks ago, but im enjoying it so far, even if I do want to be getting better quicker than I am (who doesn't, right?)

One thing im confused about is that there seems to be lots of threads missing. Like when i look at say the songwriting and lyric section it says that there is 40,000 + threads, but when you look, there are just a couple of pages going back into this month.

Its the same on Guitar technique - 42,000+ threads but i can only see 4 pages worth going back to start of July. Has there been big changes and stuff been archived or do I have to change some settings in the control panel or something. I know it will probably be something dumb i've done or not done.

Apart from that, this is an amazing place. So many re-sources and so much info. Thanks for reading.


Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong section for this. I wasn't sure.
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OMG I'm such a dumb-dumb. Thanks very much for your help. I had a feeling it would be something simple. My mistake was looking in control panel. Thanks again

Edit: I guess im blind as I had another look in CP and you can change the default number of threads show to save you changing it everytime you need to. For anyone else wondering you go CP - Edit Options - Thread Display Options - Default Thread Age Cut Off, and you can choose how far back the displayed threads go.
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