I don't exactly know where to start ive got songs written but thats about it should i play a gig first, post them online, when should i start releasinng demos etc.
Get yourself to some open mic nights. Then you can test out a few tracks and garner a response. Look for some support slots as well if you have enough material. When you are confident that you know which of your songs are the strongest I'd get a them recorded for an EP that you can give away/sell at gigs/post online. It's all about playing live to build a following to start with though.
You should have demos ASAP to get gigs. Put them on a private on soundcloud and privately share them with venues and promoters. if they are good enough have them publicly available.

Then play gigs.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Have you ever played out anywhere solo? (Including open mics)? What gear do you have, what type of music do you play, what type of venues are you looking at?
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Definitely go busking and/or to open mic nights. I prefer busking because its magic - often it puts you in touch with real people and if they stop to listen you can get their perspective on your work. Theres also a lot of freedom to explore your style and will help you to get comfortable playing in public. In some cities you can make a nice amount of cash while you practice.Then as others have said look at recording your strongest songs and getting gigs. Start small and work your way up... Enjoy the ride!