I bought a Boss HM-2. I know it's working on 12V adapter, and I had read, that have a modification for 9V adapter. Many people had make the mod. I just not understand why...These adapters are some special adapters or why? I have adapter, what can I set on 9V, 12V etc. With this can work my boss pedal? Or I must buy original boss aca adapter?
And the guy who sold me the pedal, he said, after all these years, he had only change this thing http://kepfeltoltes.hu/140730/aca01_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg .
And now the "pin" in this thing is thinner. Can this impact on voltage?
Sorry for bad english
12v adapters are a pain in the ass because you can't get 12v in a typical daisy chain. Even a lot of iso PSUs don't supply 12v
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Boss is just trying to sell you their adapter. If you have an adapter that does 12V and the HM-2 is 12V you can use it.
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Boss HM-2 will work in a 9v daisy chain. Otherwise buy a decent power supply ie CIOKS DC-10
Yeah. My HM-2s worked fine with a 9V one spot daisy chain. But with a single power supply by itself it sounded like shit. I actually can't remember why it's like that, but it's not a huge deal. Any 12V will be fine, or just daisy chain it, like 7thString said.
I've noticed using a generic adapter gives the signal noise compared to a battery. That's never good.
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