I seem to be going through a phase right now of wanting to listen to some good blues rock, i've already got an album by SRV and ZZ Top, unfortunately my knowledge for blues rock kinda stops there, i have listen to a bit of Santana, and also a bit of Aerosmith, both are apparently blues rock bands (based on a quick wikipedia search)
most of the 60's/70's rock bands have a good amount of blues in them, a lot of the stuff i dig is mixed with psychedelic/prog stuff though. here are some that I think are more along the just blues/rock style

Jimi Hendrix
Allman Brothers Band
Hot Tuna
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Flamin' Groovies

I'd also say check out some blues records from Willie Dixon or Howlin' Wolf, it's pretty rockin' when they have a band backing them.
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You tried stretching as far as AC/DC?

The Bon Scott era might suit you
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Possibly the greatest blues rock band of all time.
Listen to the live versions of Politician and Crossroads
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Allman Brothers Band
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Rory Gallagher/Taste should be at the top of these lists. One of the greatest guitarists ever and does a lot of cool genre blending.
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Super Session album (Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills)

Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason (Canadian bands, unbelievably tight)

Sheepdogs (another Canadian band, very Allmans-esque)

Canned Heat, John Mayall, Paul Butterfield (all 60s-70s)
Free*Jeff Beck*Clapton*George Thorougood*Pat Travers*Mitch Rider*Stevie Ray Vaughn*Jeff Healey (awesome cover of Dylan's "When the Night Comes Fallin' From the Sky")*(early) Bob Seger***If you like that "Southern Fried" flavor : Blackfoot*Stillwater*Molly Hatchett*The Outlaws" (personal faves_"Green Grass and High Tides" and a truly wicked cover of "Ghost Riders in the Sky"***a few nice surprises on Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained Soundtrack"-#6 "Freedom"-Anthony Hamilton & Elaine Boynton * #18 "Who Did That To You"-John Legend * #19 "Too Old to Die Young" - Brother Dege * and there's a Richie Havens cover of "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" (not the same song Clapton does) in the movie, but it's not on the soundtrack. Now if only I was only able to play these...
Robin Trower

Gary Moore "Still Got the Blues" album

Jeff Beck "Truth"

Johnny Winter

Muddy Waters "Hard Again." Not rock but it needs to be listened to

Salty Dog "Every Dog has His Day" Incredible album....pretty much blues based rock

wow, havnt heard Salty Dog in a while, forgot how good they were
Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Chris Duarte, Poppa Chubby, Tinsley Ellis, Buddaheads
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Joe Bonnamassa
The Black Keys
The White Stripes
Some Bon Scott AC/DC
some Led Zeppelin
Early Pinkfloyd
The Trews might have some bluesy stuff
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Jeff Healy
Blue Oyster Cult
The Inmates
Dr Feelgood
Tragically Hip

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