i would need better pictures. but basically you could date it yourself, or at least get a rough idea of the earliest it could have been released. i would look on the transformers and that blue speaker for the manufacturer date code.



they should be like 6 or 7 digit codes, you can decode them with the above links.
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Hi, thanks for the help. I now looked up the numbers on the transformers and the blue speaker:


1: Woden 66310&J/83 K.U

2: Woden 66311&J/84 K.U - 19H 100MJA

3: Woden: 72318&J/82 K.U

Vox Blue Speaker:
21BJ T530


I don't see any of these numbers on the pages you suggested!?!

I posted some more pics here:

Do you have any ideas?

My only input is that it looks like a one of the English made ones so it could be pre 1982 but there should be someone on here who's more of an expert on this.
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I hear they use false bypass switches.

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