Nice sound quality, good job on that Not a huge fan of your tone though, but that's just my opinion.

There's some really nice stuff there, the main riff is nice, but overall there is a lot of repetition in the first few minutes, but that is a common problem with instrumentals. I really like the part that begins just before the two minute mark, from that point on to 2:30 it's great in my opinion. The following solo is nice, but not my thing really. The powerful riff after that is a nice break, after that there is a really, really nice melodic thrash riff. And at 4:00 there is that riff that really reminds me of the start of the song, but with a twist, so there's nice progression going on. Outro of the song was maybe a bit weak compared to the rest o f the song, but it was still a nice part. The ending was maybe a bit abrupt.

So that's my two cents, I hope that you take something out of it. Overall impression: I really liked it. Great job imo
It's pretty good, but the tone needs some work. I'm not hearing bass (maybe you didn't record bass yet), but the guitar needs to fill out the low end a bit. Otherwise, it's pretty tight.

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