Hey guys/gals,

I'm a Guitar tech, and I'm opening up what I know to help any of you who may need some assistance!

Before I ventured off into tech-land, (about 6 years ago) I would find myself needing answers to specific questions, and Google wasn't cutting it. I started thinking about those days recently after having a nice conversation with a young guy who just wanted to absorb as much info as he could. So, it gave me the idea to make myself available to all of my fellow UGers so that all of you who want questions answered, or you want to consult with a tech, could.

I've been hanging around here for almost 10 years, and I want to give back the only way I know.

So fire away, I'm looking forward to it!
Multi-Instrumentalists FTW!!!
Hey Josh,
I'm building a bass out of OSB. I know, I know. Don't question it. BUT:
Is it unacceptable to layer my body? My sheet of OSB is about 3/4". Not enough to make a thick body that can support electronics. So, can I screw, glue, or attach the two pieces in any way to make the body? Think of it like a multi-layered cake, but the two pieces are identical.
Thanks in advance.
I have an electric guitar that I'm looking to sell. Only problem is that it has an Ibanez headstock and a Jackson body. Is it a strange combo or not? Could someone give me an idea on how to price it?
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Dont ever use screws on a guitar body...
You can glue them together no problem. No different than a guitar with a maple top.

I dont want it falling apart during practice or anything. Is the idea an acceptable one?