So after a month of initially loving my peavey valve king. Then Becoming more and more disillusioned with it over the following weeks, I have made a few changes.

First I changed the phase inverter tube (v3) to a JJ 12at7. At $9.99 I couldn't believe how much better it made the amp sound. The cleans are now more full, clear and I guess dynamic I would say. Lots of headroom to turn it up before breaking up. I am actually really happy with the clean channel on the amp now.

It made the distortion sound less boxy, crisper, and much more playable for grunge/blues/alternative. However, I still notice a lot of fizz on the dirty channel and just a touch darker then I would like. I would like to really clean this up... Would maybe adding a Tungsol or groove tubes 12ax7 clean up this fizz?

Also I've noticed the "boost" button really sucks like most of you have said. Totally gives a huge buzz and shitty feedback/harmonics. To give me a little extra boost on the dirty channel for soloing or what not would I be better off using my TS9 or ds-1? I see all the talk about bad monkeys... But I'm not gonna buy one. Will one of the pedals I have give me the same added dirt?

So after I added the tube and tried it on the stock speaker, I swapped out the stock with a Guitar Warehouse Speakers et65. I beat myself up for weeks trying to decide on a speaker after looking at about 20 different ones from different manufacturers... How long can I expect it to get fully broken in and at its sweet spot?
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Change V1 too. Stick a JJ ECC83S in there.

The TS9 will do the deed nicely

Couple of weeks of playing regularly.
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New speakers take a LONG time to break in. My Eminence Governors took at least 30 hours to come into their best sound. Best thing I can recommend is use a looper pedal and play a well-rounded loop and then just let the thing play at a pretty high volume when you're away from the house.

As for boosts, you're probably going to have much better luck with your TS9. Run it between your guitar and amp input (not the effects loop) with the gain at zero or close to it, level maximum, and the tone somewhere not too far from the middle. That'll give you more gain and put more mids/edge to your tone. Your TS-9 is what the Bad Monkey is based on, no need to get one of those.

And tubes -- good move on the 12AT7 in the PI position. You might reduce a little fizz by running a JJ 5751 in V1. I've found those to be really sweet tubes for smoothing out the gain and increasing clarity. They also improve your cleans a bit more. All of my experience is with the 6505+, but I'd imagine these tubes would have a similar effect in your Valveking too.

Part of your fizz is probably due to your speaker not being broken in yet. But if you still have too much fizz after 30+ more hours of playing at fairly loud volumes, you might try an EQ pedal in the effects loop. Cut the highest highs by 6db or more. That is by far the most effective way of eliminating fizz, in my experience. The right tubes help, but they only reduce fizz. Cutting the highest highs with an EQ pedal gets rid of fizz completely.