TL;DR: ReChord is a chord transcription app for iOS, search for "rechord" on the iOS app store and come give us feeback here :-).

Hello fellow guitar players!
I've been creating tools for musicians and music lovers for more than 10 years (mostly audio plugins for different companies, for example MOTU's sampler MachFive, and many of UVI's virtual instruments) and I had this idea for a transcription app for a long time. What is does is pretty simple: you choose any song from your iOS music library and the app analyses the song to give you a chord chart with guitar neck diagrams to learn to play the song. It works with any song and any genre. I won't claim 100% accuracy (more around 85%) but it's blazing fast: the chords start pouring in after less than a second of analysis on a recent device and it takes less than 10 seconds for most songs to be completely converted.
We've been creating the state of the art tech behind the detection engine for more than 4 years with a friend, I then spent more than 12 months optimising it to be as fast as possible on very small devices and building the best possible UI/UX.
I've been thinking about how to try to make a living off it and I decided to make the app free for 30 seconds analysis and enable the user to choose the features with three one time "in app purchases":
  • "amateur": unlocks the time limit
  • "performer": unlocks the possibility to change the pitch and speed of the song. Incluse the "amateur" features
  • "pro" enables the user to use a Capo on the strings, change the tuning of the instrument and detect advanced chords (complex and jazz chords like sus2, sus4, 9th, mM7, 9+, 9-, 13th, etc.) Include the Amateur and Performer features.

I tried very hard to make the process very fair so there is an upgrade path that is exactly as cheap as buy the bigger package from the beginning.
It's now live in the app store ( search for "rechord" ) and while I'm already working on some cool new features (editing the chords, printing and sharing the chord sheet...) I'm dying to get some honest feedback about it:
  • how about the UX? Is it simple enough?
  • what feature would you like to have?
  • what do you think about the pricing scheme?

Your feedback is warmly welcome, Many Thanks!