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So I found a local ad with someone selling this Tokai Love Rock, but I can't figure out which model it is. I've emailed the guy, but he's taking a while to reply.

The guy is selling it for $450 AUD, and says that they're going for $800 AUD at the moment - but I can't tell if that's true or not, since I can't research the exact model :P
So anyone know what model it is, and also if that's a good price?
Cheers guys~
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3 screw truss rod cover means it's not a japanese-made one which are the sought-after (i.e. good and expensive) ones.

I dunno about australian prices, we have a lot of australian regulars here who will hopefully see the thread, from what I gather you guys get ripped even worse than we do in europe But yeah it's not one of the sought-after ones, at least. So don't pay too much.
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