Here’s one of my latest works in progress, Hades.

Hades, the Greek King of the Underworld, the god of death and the dead.

Hades Specs
24.75" scale, 5 Piece Laminated Neck Through (Purpleheart, Maple and Mahogany) all reclaimed woods
Off set ‘D’ profile with a Figured Bird’s eye Maple fretboard (Compound Radii - 12" @ Nut - 18" @ Body)
Mahogany, Maple and Purpleheart binding
24 wide/high frets (+ Zero fret)
44 mm wide black Corian nut
3 mm LED (aligned between top two strings) with Fibre Optics in silver tubing side dots (lit from fretboard LEDs)
12? headstock angle, 3? body angle
Single action truss rod with a Spoke Wheel adjustment nut @ Headstock
Chambered Mahogany and Roasted Maple body with figured Maple core and Wenge & Figured Maple stringers
Black Tune-O-Matic bridge, Tuners, String Ferrules and Strap buttons
Bizzar Humbuckers with matching pickup bobbin tops with ICS (Individual Coil Selection) switches
3 way pickup switch & Switchcraft stereo jack mounted in custom jack plate in the back of the top wing
2 - 500K Audio taper Volume pots, 1 - 500k Master tone pot with 0.23 Tone Capacitor and treble bleed circuit
Knobs made from neck through off cuts
Mahogany Control Cavity cover, matching back wood grain attached with embedded rare earth magnets
2 AAA rechargeable batteries inside control cavity
1 on/on/on mini toggle switch (for LED colours)
Stereo jack in custom jack plate turns LEDs on when 1/4" jack inserted
Hand rubbed Tung Oil finish

Here’s some pics of the build process:
Rough pencil sketch originally based on a bastardized B.C. Rich Beast

CorelDraw plan with specs (it was originally going to be have three humbuckers)

Start date in truss rod channel @ the 12th fret (notice the nail hole in the top piece of Mahogany)

Width of neck laminates 66.6 mm (so appropriate for something called Hades eh?)

Roasted Maple top wood for wings from KJP Hardwoods

2 wings from 6" Mahogany also from KJP Hardwoods, the bottom wing pieces was flipped once cut

Pickup wiring channels pre-cut in Maple core, eliminates having to drill those angled holes

Wing laminates before glue up with Maple and Wenge stringers, pickup cavities rough cut with Radial Arm Saw
On the other hand, you have different fingers.
New headstock design with tuners mounted

Headstock rough cut

Headstock horns and tail (it IS called Hades after all) rough cut

LEDs laid out, a Forstner bit makes a neat cavity for the resistors. The side dot holes were drill before the binding went on.

LEDs with resistors

LED array lit up red. This isn’t the fretboard that will make it to the final product.

Jack plate block made from neck through off cut.

Jack plate block first cuts done on the table saw to define the lip depth and cavity width

Bottom view of Jack plate with jack
On the other hand, you have different fingers.
Left eye with Fibre Optic “pupil” lit by LED in behind jack plate

Eyes backlit with LED mounted under each eye, and Fibre Optics for the pupils lit LED behind jack plate

Bridge, knobs and pickups test fit. The pickups have a piece of tape over them just for the picture.

I will post more pictures as the build progresses.
Thanks for looking.


On the other hand, you have different fingers.
The guitar looks awesome ! And with that type of bridge, it will surely sound awesome too !

But the name doesn't fit, because Hades was not a bad monster. He had a human appearance, and wasn't bad. He was just anti-social. This guitar looks like the Kraken.

Imagine: You plug it, and your amp says: RELEASE THE KRAKEN !! Then, you start playing some Black Sabbath songs.
hahahaha that's awesome
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Love the eyes and the headstock tail.

Like having the output jack recessed and on the back of the guitar (this has been a feature of a lot of Brian Moore iGuitars). And I like straight-pull headstocks on non-Floyd guitars.

As a practical matter, the "bump" on the inside of the treble-side cutaway would kill me and reduce upper fret access. And I'd want the side markers lit up.

As a personal taste matter, I'm not a fan of the hippie sandwich neck appearing on the headstock and on the face of the guitar. I do have a couple of guitars that have three-piece neck-throughs that DO show on the front, but without the color stringers.