2013 Gibson Les Paul Std in 'Tea Burst'.F'ckin Love her!She sings like a banshee and have some sexy tones when played clean.
Originally i had my heart set on this Trans Amber one that looked beautiful,I tried it and liked it but ONLY liked,It just did'nt quite feel like the one.Anyway i saw this one poking out from behind another and asked to try her.I picked her up and played a little acoustically and i said "I want this one".Did'nt even plug her in until i got home,I knew she had to be mine.The neck just felt perfect even though they were both the same model,i had a connection to this one.Just goes to show that you should always go and try the guitar before you buy.
Couple of pics:

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Happy new guitar day, it's a beautiful instrument And the finish is a lot sexier than a trans amber one
HNGD! I love it how you didn't even have to plug her in, lol.
Very nice
I may have a thread up later too, we shall see how my visit to GC goes!
When I worked in a music store, we'd make sure we had great setups on the instruments we wanted to move off the hangers. And we'd just leave the others with whatever came from the factory. Worked Every Single Time.

Love the finish -- it's one of those guitars that you can (and should) grow old with.
Cheers guys!I will without a doubt grow old with this one.Would never sell it.I had a standard in around '06 that i gigged to death,The quality of this one seems alot better.Tuners are way more stable,Jack plate is metal on this,My old one was plastic and got a big crack down it,I was never that impressed with that guitar,I'd play my SG over it all the time.Impressed with these newer ones though,I Like the Peter Green/Gary Moore out of phase sound you get in the middle position when you pull out the neck tone control,Never use the coil splits though.
Beautiful. I love my '14 so I'm sure you'll love her
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wow sweet
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love at first strum! beautiful, tea burst is my favourite Les Paul finish (together with cherry and crimson burst)

that guitar is like falling in love with a stripper
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Congratulations! May she serve you well and long.
Gear pics

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Nice one!
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Did it come with a pickguard?
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Did it come with a pickguard?

Yeah it had a pick guard,First thing i did was take it off.lol
That looks fantastic!
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