I currently own a Ric' 4003, and was wondering if anyone here on the forums has one- along with a Orange Terror, (preferably 500 or 1000W,) that they could pair up and demonstrate for me. I've been leaning towards the Orange Terror and possibly an Orange cab as well, I just have no idea what the three would sound like together. I'm not on these forums a whole lot, so if you do, and would be willing to give it a whirl, (preferably SoundCloud, just due to YouTubes notoriety to reduce the audio quality,) feel free to send me an e-mail at DavidPatrickLemos@gmail.com with the link!

Thank you in advance,
Do they have one in stock at your local guitar center? I know they sell terror bass amps. Maybe bring your ric to GC and try it out for yourself?
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A thousand ups to that.

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