Hi, im building a guitar and I sawed the grooves for the frets do they fit in, but they are not that snug. Is there anyway I could put them in with the gap being slightly wider. I've started filling the gap with saw dust/glue then indenting how wide the fret is. This doesn't really seem to be working. So yeah please help me!!

Thanks if you reply
I used a hacksaw which seemed to be alright, but it was slightly too wide and the positioning is fine (used Stewmacs fret calculator).
There are a couple of things I can think of:

1) Fill the slots and redo them with a proper fret saw, eg from Stewmac. This is IMO an essential tool for installing frets in a new board.


2) Get a fret tang crimper from Stewmac to effectively make the fret tangs wider.

Also make sure that they are just a tiny bit more curved than the fretboard so that they don't have any tendency to spring out. You might need a Stewmac fret bender for that. Then glue the frets in with CA or PVA glue if you are sill worried about them coming loose.
How did you measure them, according to the calculator? You cant measure stuff like that by hand.
A hack saw is a horrible tool for the job. YOu will have to re do it completely, or find a way to fill the slots and then use the correct saw.
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yer making a crap guitar it seems, like it was said, frets have to be perfect