I think I've got a wish list for what I want out of amp amp purchase:

- A channel that goes from clean to driven at reasonable levels
- Master volume
- Preferably TMB tone controls
- Preferably reverb, or at least an effects loop
- Chime!
- Not high gain
- Moderate wattage - probably 18w would suffice
- Probably British voicing, so EL84 or EL34 tubes
- Not too brightly voiced
- A combo
- Budget is £1000 GBP. New or used is fine.

Top of my list at the moment is a Dr Z Maz 18. It ticks all of the boxes and sounds awesome. A bit pricey new though, and second hand ones are hard to come by. I dig that I can go from clean to gritty with the twist of a knob, and keep it at reasonable levels. Also that the drive is pretty mild.

I mostly play pretty clean with a hint of break up, or a bit more gain and play crunchy arpeggios.

Anything else that I should consider before getting fixated on a Maz 18?
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Any Marshall 18 watter derivative should be fine.
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Marshall 18w, marshall bluesbreaker, AC30...
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Marshall 18w, marshall bluesbreaker, AC30...

I looked for Marshall 18w with TMB controls but couldn't find any. Can you suggest a specific model?
Bluesbreaker doesn't have reverb or, I think, master volume.
AC30 doesn't have TMB controls and is way overpowered for me. By all accounts an AC30 needs to be loud to get the most out of it.
martamp/mjw or something like that might be cheaper than a dr z (as it's made in the UK). I haven't tried either, though.
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Any Marshall 18 watter derivative should be fine.

as i read through the OP, i was thinking. 18 wat... 18 watt... they are available in single tone knobs or TMB, i am sure you could run a loop but i wouldn't know how, for high gain just kick in a tube screamer or something of the like you can put a PPIMV in so you have a master as such (i did and am glad i did)

easy to build too.