Ok there was another thread of a similar name, but it was closed, and older, so here comes another one.

Ok I want to have a stereo guitar/ and a mono guitar, with a switch prior to a Locking 1/4" Neutrik jack. My guitar is two d activator dimarzio 4 wire humbucking pickups, with a 3 way, with a 500 k tone knob, and the 500 k liberator volume. I need the locking jack cause I have a agile reaper, and the jack comes out easy from sitting on my leg that rubs against it. I want the mono for when I use a amp that doesn't have a stereo switcher (lehle 3to1 stereo switcher, or my axe fx)connected. The youtube concept here.


If i could find a midi relay system instead that be great, but I can't find anything as of yet.

I want to switch my pickups from the neck to the bridge, via midi, at the same time my midi amp switches.

So i was looking switches up, and would a 3pdt like this work for my application.

Would it be possible to use a smaller switch, and are there better ones out there?

I'm probably going to mount the switch to piece of plastic that is cut out for the switch in the former compartment that used to be used for the 9 volt to the former active preamp system, then run two cables up to the switch, then on to the locking xlr neutrick 1/4" jack. One will be coming from the 3 selector switch, and the other will be coming from both pickups for stereo.

I'm thinking of dropping the tone knob from guitar, because my neck pickup is a d activator, and it is way to bassy, while keeping the bridge tone since that is ok for the most part.

Will this be possible to do with out causing any kind of problem. If you could help me out with a drawing that be great!