Okay, so I'm in college and I decided to learn the guitar. My best friend has played since we were little and she is helping me learn along with several online videos. My question is about my guitar. It was given to me by a distant relative when I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to play. I'm pretty sure that at one point it was acoustic/electric, but the plug has been taken out. the wires remain inside the guitar. My question is whether or not it can be fixed and turned back into an electric/acoustic and also whether or not it would even be worth the money to do so.
It depends on how much was removed from the guitar. It shouldn't cost too much to put another plug back in it, though. I would take it to a guitar shop and get an estimate for the repair.
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It depends, what kind of guitar is it? you can get pickups cheap, take it to a pro or post some pictures here of the missing part and we can help more!