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I am considering instead of getting a non recessed floyd, getting a floyd with a trem stopper. Just to give me more options on what guitar to buy.

But then there is one question. Will I be able to pull the bar up so that the recessed part is completely filled. It's hard to find the right words. Will I be able to raise a note up as high as I could do without a trem stopper, if the blocking screw is screwed all the way out?
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I've no experience with a trem stopper, but after looking at pics on google it appears that it stops you from pulling the bar up at all. I could be wrong though.

If you're interested in something like this, you could get any guitar with a trem and put wood blocks with double stick duct tape in there to stop movement. I have all mine blocked so that they're dive only. I use D-Tunas on locking trems. Drop D is more important to me than pulling up on the bar.
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i don't know about the tremstopper (haven't tried it) but the tremol-no will let you do that. you can have it to fully floating when you want, and blocked (or dive-only) when you want. i found it a bit fiddly, though.
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Maybe it would be a good idea to just install the tremstopper and screw it out if I want to pull up to the max again? Can't hurt right?