Can you help me rediscover some of the classic "dad rock" bands and songs? I know it's objective to what your dad listened to, but I was thinking bands like Daddy Cool, CCR, Dr.Hook, Bachmann-Turner Overdrive, Ram Jam, George Thorogood, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, etc.
Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane, the Zombies, Jethro Tull, MC5, Ten Years After, the Flying Burrito Brothers (if you don't mind some country rock), the Edgar Winter Group, and of course the single most dad rockiest dad rock band in the history of dad rock, the Steve Miller Band.
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Dude! MC5 Definitely. They will blow your ass through the wall. Supertramp is good if you like progressive stuff.
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My dad loved Triumph, Yes, Genesis and other things of that nature
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The Guess Who,
The Doors,
Pink Floyd,
Deep Purple
Led Zep
Van Halen
Dire Straights
Steely Dan
Neil young
Fleetwood mac
Black Sabath
Blue oyster cult
The cars
Three Dog Night
The Who
Iron Maiden
Guns n Roses
Thin Lizzy
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Bad Company, the Doobie Brothers, the Eagles and of course the Beatles and Stones.
My dad was always huge into UFO, Black Crowes, Kiss (how these guys werent mentioned immediately is beyond me), Alice Cooper, Boston, Judas Priest (more on the metal side), Motley Crue, a few others that are escaping me
My dad's really into Steppenwolf. He really likes their Monster album, which not too many people talk about. It's worth looking into if you're into protest songs.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Allman Brothers or Johnny Winter.
My dad got me addicted to Rush when I was in elementary school. For prog, nowadays I prefer early Yes and King Crimson, but Rush remains one of my favorite and most listened to bands.
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I don't want to sound naive but where does one download songs that are featured on the UG but are not available on iTunes or Amazon. I've heard great stuff from David Johansen, Creatures of the Golden Dawn, Demolition 23, etc but can't find it anywhere.