Hey everyone,
So I seem to be getting a bit of a phaser sound when I turn the Loop on when on channel3 Modern. I have a TC Electronic G-Major in the loop. it's fine in all the other channels, but channel 3.
Is there a way to get rid of that?

Not sure I'm qualified to help so consider this a free bump.

I don't think the loop is tube driven but either way I'd be checking for a microphonic preamp tube. Get a pencil or a chop stick and tap on each preamp tube with amp turned on and volume up a bit and nothing plugged into amp. If you can hear the tapping coming through the speakers then that tube may be microphonic. Replace it.

Here, this vid I made can be used as a guide.

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Otherwise, maybe try your amp in a different room or better yet a different house/location. Is this a new amp or used.
Thanks for the bump!
I'll give your suggestion a try tomorrow when I can. It is a new amp, I got it just over a month ago. I'm using it a Marshall 1960 cab, that shouldn't be an issue, it ran my Marshall with no problems.
OK. Well, let us know.

Odd that it only has that problem on Channel 3 and with the Loop.

I just tried to read up on some of the specifics of the loop on your amp and my brain started to hurt. I am assuming you read through that real well 2 or 3 times? Have you tried some other pedals in the loop as a test or run your guitar into the FX Return? It is a Series Loop now these days (unlike my Single Rec) so that is probably not the problem. Obviously, you can always contact Mesa I suppose and see what they say.

Good luck,
I owned a Triple Rectifier for awhile and there's definitely a learning curve involved with them. I'm assuming you've read the manual thoroughly? If not I highly recommend doing so, I feel I'm well experienced in the gear world and still learned quite a bit about these amps.

The loop and channel switching is a little different on these amps, on the back there's a panel with various channel/loop options. Are you using the footswitch to do everything, or selecting knobs on the back? If you're using the footswitch, make sure both knobs are set to "FTSW", otherwise you'll run into all sorts of weird problems.

(Yours may only have one knob or the other, this panel has changed a bit over the years)

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Thanks guys, yup I've read through the manual. Mine is the version where you can switch between 50/100 watts so the fx loop is supposed to the series. My fx loop section only has the one knob for volume boost/cut and yeah bot assign knobs are set to footswitch.

I haven't had a chance to tap the tubes with a pencil yet, but I might have to play with a bunch of different combinations to see what sort of sounds I'm getting.

Will let ya know once I get the time to play around!
Your loop is parallel. On your FX unit, make the mix 100% wet.
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The multi watt ones are supposed to have a series loop.

Well, I've turned off the hi/low cut on the delay in the g-major and turned down the gain - it helped a bit. It's not as much a phaser sound as it is the buzz from the gain i guess.
Either way, the amp seems okay so I'll just have to play with my settings.