Hi there everyone!

I was wondering how to edit my username. My current one was created randomly without me editing anything and I don't know how to edit it. If someone could please help, it would be very much appreciated.

Only Admins (the people with red usernames) can change usernames, however this is almost never, ever, ever done for a number of reasons. It pretty much only would ever be changed in such a case as if it had your full name or your phone number or something else like that (things that are privacy issues).

In your case, I highly doubt that there is any acceptable reason for it to require a change since it doesn't have your full name or anything, so honestly don't even bother asking since you will absolutely, definitely get a "no".

Honestly though I wouldn't worry too much about your username, since most people here dislike theirs, or would at least change it if they could.
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^ She is correct. You cannot change your username once registered.

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